KODI for Apple Devices

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From: US$25.00 / year with 1 day free trial

The most FAST and EASY way to install KODI and other Apple TV apps!


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This subscription works for all Apple devices (Apple TV 4k/4th Gen / iPad / iPhone).

You DO NOT need a computer (PC or Mac) to install KODI.


KODI on Apple TV 4K
KODI Interface
  • How does it work?

Since KODI is not published on App Store, to install KODI on your Apple TV or iPad/iPhone, we need to register your device ID (UDID) with Apple Server and sign KODI with the certificate issued by Apple (this is usually cost $99 a year).

Each device has a unique ID, so every device will need a separate subscription.

Our installation works for at least One Year. You do not need to reload your KODI every 7 days.

We install KODI via Remote Device Management, that’s why we need you to install and trust our profile, to manage your device.

We can ONLY manage the apps we installed, your privacy and data is safe.

After installing our profile, you will be asked to install KodiTVBox App Store, which will give you access to all apps including Kodi.

  • What am I paying for?

Don’t get it wrong, Kodi, and together with other apps provided on our store are all free and open sourced, hats off for the great developers, they are all published on Github.com (and that is why we can’t help with the usage problems regarding apps). The fees for this service, is paying the server hosting and the Developer Certificates purchased from Apple company. For example, if you don’t use our service, you need to have a Mac computer, and set up Apple Developer softwares and pay for an annually membership for $99, in order to install Kodi on your Apple TV 4K.

Bottom line: we are NOT selling Kodi.

  • Demo Video

  • FREE Trial Period

This Subscription includes 1 day free trial if you choose annual ONLY, after that you can pay to continue using your KODI. You can find it by changing billing schedules. Monthly sub doesn’t have free trial.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. This works for Apple TV 4th Generation and Apple TV 4K and iPad and iPhone
  2. You will NOT need a computer to install Kodi
  3. You do not need Jailbreak, compatible with system version  11/12/13.
  4. The installation works as long as your subscription is valid (Not 7 days)
  5. The KODI will be always up to date, you can get the latest features and Addons (Addons not included in this service).
  6. Activation and delivery is instant, you will get a few Emails with instructions after payment is clear.
  7. For Apple TV, we offer the latest version of KODI from their official site.
  8. When there is major update for KODI, we will send out notifications in KODI.
  9. We are not affiliated with official KODI organization in any way. Our subscription fee is for the installation service.
  • Other Available Apps for Apple TV:

Besides Kodi, we also provide other Apple TV apps that are not available on App Store, but publicly available to download on Github.com. Please note these apps are not covered by our customer support, we can’t help with any issues while using these apps, you also need to make sure to comply your local regulations for using these apps. Here is the list of apps:

Provenance Game Emulator
MAME Game Emulator
backr00m Jailbreak
ElectraTV Jailbreak

Additional information

Billing Period

Pay Annually with Free Trial, Pay Annually without Trial, Pay Bi-Monthly

20 reviews for KODI for Apple Devices

  1. jesiovwa (verified owner)

    Best service ever A++++

  2. Martyn Sibbald (verified owner)

    As advertised. Its simple and it just works.

  3. Grant Shearer (verified owner)

    Has to be the best App I’ve installed on my Apple TV. I’ve been using Kodi for years on my MacMini with an HDMI connection to the TV. Being able to have the full Kodi functionality through the Apple TV is so much easier.
    Full marks on thiso ne.

  4. Grant Shearer (verified owner)

    Has to be the best App I’ve installed on my Apple TV. I’ve been using Kodi for years on my MacMini with an HDMI connection to the TV. Being able to have the full Kodi functionality through the Apple TV is so much easier.
    Full marks on this one.

  5. Mina William (verified owner)

    Best app ever for watching movie

  6. Michael Wilkerson (verified owner)

    I have been using Kodi since it was first created. I always had to alternate between my computer and TV to watch my favorite shows after cutting the cord.
    I couldn’t invite friends to come over and watch a movie on my computer :). The technology is very unique as it uses an alternative method to load the apps which bypasses the app store.

    I might now consider purchasing another AppleTV console in the future as not being able to load Kodi, without buying strange networking cables/etc. and/or breaking the AppleTV configuration, was not possible until now.

  7. Thierry Molina (verified owner)

    I had heard of this site on Youtube and at first I was very skeptical. It seemed too good to be true and I was afraid that it might be a scam. Let’s not forget that you give them remote access to your Apple TV. But I searched on the net and the reviews I read were very positive (reviews from other sites of course). So I thought I’d give it a try. And I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. Ok you have to pay for Kodi but it’s only 25$ a year and they do everything for you. You have Kodi on your Apple TV. No jailbreak, no waste of time installing Xcode or other softwares. Anyway I don’t have a Mac, I just have a pc so I couldn’t do it. Just follow the instructions and the installation is a breeze and you can choose several versions. I have Kodi 17.6 on my pc and I installed Kodi 17.6 on my Apple TV. It runs brilliantly, flawlessly. You can install your addons, play the videos on your pc via Upnp. I’ve watched several films without a single crash. I haven’t had any issue whatsoever. Just one advice. In Kodi’s settings, DO NOT activate allow passthrough for the sound if you have an AV receiver. All you will hear is a horrible noise. Just leave it as it is. In the Apple TV’s settings chose sound “Automatic” and the Apple TV will automatically choose the best output. Your films will sound very good with Kodi’s settings as they are. To sum it up, at first I was very skeptical but now I can recommend this website without a problem.

  8. Armando Sorondo (verified owner)

    Just perfect… if you have an Apple tv 4/4k you MUST have kodi and popcorntime.

  9. DAVISLEO08 (verified owner)

    If you don’t want to be revoked every 7 days or have to deal with the Jailbreak process. I would highly recommend you go with this service. You will not regret this decision.

  10. DAVISLEO08 (verified owner)

    Great service! If you have an Apple Tv and you don’t want to deal with being revoked every 7 days this is the way to go

  11. Brendan Mitchell (verified owner)

    Great service…..easy to set up and it works!!!! Best $25 I’ve spent for a long time !!!! (U.K. customer)

  12. said Mohammad (verified owner)

    au top rien à dire merci

  13. Edwin Wirth (verified owner)

    works like a charm, thank you

  14. Oleksandr Vakarchuk (verified owner)

    My favorite app on Apple TV 🙂

  15. Jan Blakkestad (verified owner)

    Ny an The last is so happy
    Thance best regars dennis

  16. Jan Blakkestad (verified owner)

    Ny an The last is so happy
    Thance best regars dennis

  17. Jan Blakkestad (verified owner)

    Ny an The last is so happy
    Thance best regars dennis

  18. Joe D’Arcy (verified owner)

    It’s great to finally have Kodi on my IPad Pro, works like a dream and simple to set up.

  19. Radomil Grund (verified owner)

    Thank You, all is ok, I recommend!

  20. Mohamed Rasheed ismail (verified owner)

    Thank You,

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