Transfer Subscription to New Device


One time non-refundable processing fee


Purchase this product if you want to transfer your existing subscription to a new device, that means register a NEW UDID with us. Or you entered a wrong UDID when you activate your device.

NOTE: You must purchase the transfer under the same user account (same email), with the device you want to transfer from.

After your payment is clear, you will receive an Email with the instruction about how to do the transfer.

Please check your email, including the Spam folder.

After you you selected the subscription you want to transfer, you will need to register your new device UDID with us, using your Transfer Order Number.


This is a one-time fee that cost you each time when you want to switch to a new device. Your subscription will still be the one you purchased, it’s just the device is the new one.

NO REFUND for this processing fee.